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Skumfyllda Fendrar

Right quality in the right place

  • 2017-01-04

The importance of getting the right custom fenders to the requested location. We believe that the right quality at the right place is important to our customers.

It can sometimes be tempting to choose the cheapest option, but how do you ensure that the quality meets the expected requirements?

We have already mentioned in our mailings that we have DNV certified bollards. There is a way to ensure that the requirements are met by a third party certification of the products you need and intend to make a tender on. Another way may be a test of proper rubber quality. There we have implemented a test with the help of SP Technical Research Institute, which we also have announced in previous newsletters. When it comes to fender systems, we can offer “femanalys”. For larger projects, we believe that this advanced analysis to study the right design is up to the project, no matter who drew them in advance, may be the right approach. We want, in other words always offer the “right quality at the right place” for our customers.

Is it important even for you or if you have questions about this, please contact us and we’ll explain in more detail.

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