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Pneumatic rubber fenders have a long and successful history of protecting vessels in mooring operations. PsG Pneumatic Fenders are ideal for permanent and semipermanent port applications and for offshore ship-to-ship transfers. Tough and resilient, PsG Pneumatic fenders also called Yokohama fenders are fast and easy to deploy, maintaining large clearances between the hull and the jetty or other vessel. This serves to minimize damage potential during mooring.

Critical properties of rubber fenders are energy absorption, hull pressure and reaction force. In both cases, PsG Pneumatic fender products score very highly, with low reaction force and low hull pressure. This means the fender absorbs significant energy, reducing the forces on both
the vessel hull and jetty structures.

With the development of ship technology, PsG Pneumatic fenders (Yokohama fenders) have evolved to suit newer vessel types such as ULCCs, LNG carriers, bulk carriers, FSOs and FPSOs. As a result, PsG supplies a wide range of pneumatic fenders from the large 4.5 x 12 meter down to the 1,0 x 0,5 m small fenders.
With Port Suppliers Group´s experience in rubber technology, the quality and performance equates to the best available on the market.

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