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PsG Donut Fenders are engineered to be installed over monopiles to provide free vertical and radial movement to ensure maximum protection. With high energy absorption and low maintenance the PsG Donut Fender can be used effectively for dock and port entrances and bridge supports.

The construction reminds of a foam-filled fender with a polyurethane elastomer skin and a cross-linked  closed cell thermolaminated polyethylene foam core. The central tube has wear pads with UHMW-PE for excellent lowfriction.

The PsG Donut Fender will be sized to fit its purpose, they are unsinkable and can be finished in a variety of colors.

When it comes to installation the fender has to be lifted and lowered onto the fender pile and then ready for use!

  • quick and easy installation
  • unsinkable
  • high energy absorption prevents damage to both the fender and moored vessels
  • makes berthing operations easier and safer
  • self-adjustment with water level to stay in the right position enhances performance reliability
  • low maintenance
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